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Machinery & Equipment appraisalCertified Machinery & Equipment Appraisals (CMEA) under the NEBBI Institute, serving Pennsylvania since 2009.


The valuation process that is followed in the preparation of a Summary Appraisal Report is an orderly procedure for arriving at an estimate of value. By following this procedure, our appraisers begin with a preliminary study of the items to be appraised and define the basis from which the appraisal is to be made. A program is then initiated for the accumulation, analysis, and observation of data. The data calledĀ for in the preliminary study is then gathered, classified, and analyzed. Our goal is to provide you with extraordinary service in the completion of your appraisal. We will adhere to our appraisal process, leading to a successful outcome and lastly and most importantly give you the peace of mind that this will be done with care, professionalism and with an attention to detail.

As a leading appraiser in Pennsylvania, Wiley & Associates will maintain the conformity and privacy of customer information obtained in the course of this assignment in compliance with USPAP and Regulation Practices, Title V of Gramm, Leach, Bliley Financial Modernization Act. We do not sell information about our clients to others. We protect the security and confidential information about the client. We share information outside of our company only when necessary to administer products or services we provide when we have your permission, or when required or permitted by law.


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