While finding the "right buyer" may appear obvious, the fact is that it takes contacts, networking, research, experience and expertise to be successful. Selling your business is a team effort between the Seller and the Intermediary working hand in hand to present the business in the best possible way. It is our commitment that time will not be wasted by uncommitted candidates.

Our firm provides the following services to facilitate a successful outcome:

  • Assessment of companies financial history
  • Define the criteria for the sale of the business
  • Valuation of company to establish sale price
  • Prepare Confidential Memorandum on business
  • Notify network of associates and partners for potential buyers
  • Confidentially advert business through extensive company databases and websites
  • Step by step, one on one assessment of potential buyers
  • Qualify potential buyers both financially and confidentially
  • Assist in negotiation strategies
  • Assist with the due diligence process and preparation of closing documents
  • Management of the professional teams, attorneys, accountants


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