The process of buying a business has become costly and time consuming for buyers as they respond to newspaper ads, comb the internet, contact business brokers and network through personal and business contacts. After all of this, many are dissatisfied with the process and have still been unable to find a quality business to buy. There is also the added frustration for people who are working full time: they did not realize the amount of time that it would take to find the right business.

This is where Wiley & Associates can be an invaluable resource to buyers, through our Buyer Side Targeted Search. In simple terms this puts our team to work for you and delivers a turn- key package in the following ways:

Establish criteria for a targeted search
Work with buyer on skill sets, areas of expertise, business interests Establish financial objectives.
Contact specific qualified businesses
Provide qualified businesses for review
Visit qualified business for buyer
Review sellers financials
Recommend due diligence strategies
Provide negotiation assistance

In other words, we do all the groundwork, from finding and qualifying the right business, negotiating the offer to coordinating all details for closing. We will negotiate a better purchase price and terms than would otherwise be achieved, as well as better financing for the over all transaction. We believe that the savings in time and money to the buyer make this a very cost effective alternative.

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